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Singaporean man jailed for targeting young girls in online nude photo scam

singaporean man jailed pedophile taiwanese girls

A Singaporean man who lured in Taiwanese girls as young as 11 by pretending to be both a girl and an elderly woman who performs exorcism online has pleaded guilty to three charges of possessing obscene films.

Sentencing: Lee Wei Ming, 34, received a five-month jail sentence on Tuesday, and authorities are considering adding another charge to his case, according to Channel News Asia.

Five Filipino Teens Sue ‘Britain’s Vilest’ P‌ed‌op‌hile For Years of A‌b‌us‌e

Five Filipino teenagers are su‌i‌ng a British pe‌do‌phi‌le for a‌lleg‌edly abu‌si‌ng them while he was on the run from justice in the Philippines.

Notorious child mo‌l‌es‌ter Douglas Slade was conv‌ic‌ted by the Bristol Crown Court in 2016 of a‌bu‌si‌ng 13 children in the UK between the 1960s and the 1980s. He was se‌nte‌nced to serve 24 years in p‌ri‌son‌ for his c‌ri‌mes.

‘Australia’s Worst Pe‌do‌p‌hile’ Gets Li‌fe Se‌n‌ten‌ce in the Philippines for R‌ap‌in‌g Infant, Child S‌e‌x Tra‌ffi‌cki‌ng

Australian Peter Gerard Scully, known as “Australia’s worst ped‌oph‌ile‌,” has recently been found g‌uil‌ty of ‌ra‌p‌i‌ng and abu‌si‌ng young ch‌ild‌r‌en in the Philippines and uploading videos of the ab‌u‌se online for his clients in Europe via the dark web.

The 55-year-old child mo‌les‌te‌r was convicted of one count of human tra‌ffi‌cki‌ng and 5 counts of r‌ap‌e by a regional trial court in Cagayan de Oro City.

Florida Man Gets 330 Years in Prison for Child Sex Tourism in the Philippines

A 56-year-old man from Venice, Florida was recently convicted of multiple counts of child pornography possession and distribution that he produced during his trips to the Philippines.

The man, David Paul Lynch, has been sentenced to 330 years in prison for making videos of his sexual encounters with children as young as 6 in the southeast Asian country, and distributed them through online messaging platforms.

High School Teacher Fired After Accidentally Uploading Video of Him Kissing Student on QQ

A 47-year-old high school Physics teacher has been fired after a video of him kissing one of his female students 30 years younger than him went viral on Chinese social media.

The man, only identified by his surname Jia, from Luonan County in northwestern China’s Shaanxi Province, was supposed to upload their clip together on social media platform QQ as a private video, but was posted publicly.

British Teacher Arrested in India After Investigation Reveals He Molested Blind Children

A British teacher was arrested for molesting three teenage students at a school for the blind in India. Murray Dennis Ward was placed under police custody after an employee at the school reported him to authorities with video evidence of the molestation.

According to The Independent, the 54-year-old British national worked as a volunteer English teacher at a school run by the non-profit organization National Association for the Blind. However, Ward appeared to have ulterior motives for his tenure at the institution; it would seem that he would take young boys to his private lodging and molest them after hours.

Disturbing Photos Reveal the Filthy Home of a Cybersex Pedophile in the Philippines

Repulsive images from a raid of an alleged pedophile’s home in the Philippines revealing cameras, bondage cuffs and children’s underwear were released online by authorities.

David Timothy Deakin, a 53-year-old American living in the Philippines, was arrested at his home last month under suspicion of abusing children. He also allegedly sold live streams, videos, and photographs of his victims online.