Singaporean man jailed for targeting young girls in online nude photo scam

Singaporean man jailed for targeting young girls in online nude photo scamSingaporean man jailed for targeting young girls in online nude photo scam
Bryan Ke
November 10, 2021
A Singaporean man who lured in Taiwanese girls as young as 11 by pretending to be both a girl and an elderly woman who performs exorcism online has pleaded guilty to three charges of possessing obscene films.
Sentencing: Lee Wei Ming, 34, received a five-month jail sentence on Tuesday, and authorities are considering adding another charge to his case, according to Channel News Asia.
  • The court set his bail at 15,000 Singaporean dollars (approximately $11,000), and it is expected that he will start his jail sentence on Nov. 16, The Straits Times reported.
  • According to Singaporean law, anyone caught possessing obscene videos can face imprisonment for up to one year and a fine of 40,000 Singaporean dollars (approximately $29,000) under the Film Act. Subsequent convictions could also increase the punishments to 80,000 Singaporean dollars (approximately $59,000) and a prison sentence of not more than two years.
What happened: Lee, who allegedly has a pedophilic disorder, was arrested on Oct. 24, 2019, following an investigation that led the Singaporean Police Force to his home in Jalan Jurong Kechil, Singapore.
  • Authorities confiscated smartphones, multiple computers and storage devices, which reportedly contained 3,196 video files. Police said 1,903 of the files were considered obscene and 11 were from the three Taiwanese victims aged 11 to 12.
  • Lee allegedly created several personas on Facebook to lure underage girls online. He allegedly made initial contact using his girl persona so they would trust him. Lee would later refer them to an elderly woman — also him — who could sense “evil spirits or bad auras” surrounding the victims.
  • While posing as the elderly woman, Lee would then request that the girls send over nude pictures and videos of themselves in different poses for the exorcism ritual. He then promised he would delete the files afterward. However, he never deleted the files and later used them for his sexual gratification.
  • The victims eventually realized they were deceived and reported the incident to the Taiwanese police. However, court documents reportedly did not state when he made contact with the victims.
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