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‘Worker Lives Matter’ campaign challenges grueling ‘996’ corporate culture in China

996 culture

Disgruntled employees who’ve had enough of China’s hellish “996” culture are protesting against excessive work hours with a campaign called “Worker Lives Matter.”

No more: In order to combat 996, which stand for working from 9 a.m to 9 p.m. six days a week, anonymous Chinese office workers created and shared a spreadsheet called “WorkingTime” that allowed professionals to record their daily hours, number of workdays, job descriptions and lunch breaks, according to Bloomberg.

China’s high court has deemed the grueling 72-hour workweek illegal

China deems long working hours illegal

A recent ruling by China’s highest court has signaled the end of the harsh work culture in the country. 

Against the law: The Supreme People’s Court and Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security both announced in a statement on Friday that it is illegal to force employees to work 12 hours a day for six days a week, a practice known as the “996,” Fortune reported. 

Delivery Worker Dies of Suspected Overwork, Korea’s 17th Since Pandemic Start


A South Korean labor union is blaming overwork as the cause for the recent death of a 48-year-old parcel delivery worker in Seoul.

The man, identified only by Lee, was found dead inside a cheap rental room located in southeastern Seoul called “gosiwon” over the weekend, reported Yonhap News. Lee is reportedly the 17th person to die of such circumstance in the country since the COVID-19 pandemic spread last year.

Godfrey Gao May Have Died From Overwork and Stress, Doctor Says

The heart attack that led to Godfrey Gao’s untimely demise on Wednesday could be the result of overwork and stress, a physician from Taiwan has suggested.

The Taiwanese Canadian actor-model, 35, reportedly collapsed while filming a Chinese variety show called “Chase Me,” which requires participants to engage in intense physical activities such as obstacle courses, rope climbing and various other stunts.

Nap Cafes Reveal Just How Little Sleep South Koreans Are Getting

Nazzzam Kroean Sleep Cafe

Seattle’s got nothing on the Sleepless in Seoul.

Nap cafes are becoming more and more popular in a sleepy South Korea. According to a Shinhan Card study published on June 14, the establishments are part of a quickly growing trend called “fast-healing“, wherein consumers look for relaxing experiences, such as nap cafes, massage chair parlors, and jim jil bangs (Korean spas), to fit in during their busy work day.

Why Young Japanese People Work Themselves to Death

Working long hours in Japan is nothing unusual but the fact that it is rapidly becoming the new norm in the country’s modern society sparks concern from people who recognize the problem attached to overworking yourself.

In Japan, karoshi means death from overwork, which is exactly what will happen to many Japanese young professional if they do not realize the dangers of working past their body’s maximum capacity.