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How I Came to Terms With Being Asian


I wasn’t going to write this article.

Normally, I publish about virtual and augmented reality and how technology can enhance our lives, so going deep within my personal experience and being vulnerable is something I truly have avoided, and have rarely spoken out about in the past. Frankly, I’ve never looked at myself as a voice for Asian people as I’ve always felt detached and disconnected from that identity.

10 Years After Starring in ‘Gran Torino’, I See Today’s Anti-Asian Racism for What it Really Is

Back in 2008, I starred opposite Clint Eastwood in “Gran Torino” playing the lead Hmong role in a tale of two people transcending their differences to form an unlikely human bond. It was a historic cinematic moment for Hmong people around the world, despite its copious anti-Asian slurs.

At the time, there was a lot of discussion about whether the movie’s slurs were insensitive and gratuitous or simply “harmless jokes.” I found it unnerving, the laughter that the slurs elicited in theaters with predominantly white audiences. And it was always white people who would say, “Can’t you take a joke?”

Think Adopting Children of Color Makes You Woke? It Doesn’t

White people have been adopting children of color for decades, using infertility, religion, or unacknowledged white saviorism to explain their choice. An entire adoption industry supports itself on white people’s desire to parent — which is not in of itself a bad thing — but only recently did anyone consider transracial adoption’s ramifications.

Scouring the internet reveals some of these white parents trying to do right by their transracially adopted kids. This isn’t directed at them. In fact, I’m friends with many of those rockstar white parents and they’re doing adoption right. But this right here is a direct message to white people who think adopting yellow, brown, and black children somehow enwokens™ them to the needs of people of color.

This Japanese Douchebag Has No Business Talking About Race In America

Editor’s Note: Ranier Maningding is a copywriter and mastermind behind the social justice page “The Love Life of an Asian Guy“. The opinions expressed in this piece are solely his own.

This week, Nobita, a Japanese Youtuber who makes budget videos on Japanese culture, posted a video titled “The Black People may be DANGEROUS for Japan.” For ten whole minutes, Nobita explained why he thinks Black people are bad for Japanese culture.

Starbucks is Trying to Fix Its Problem with Racism — Now It’s the Police’s Turn

Editor’s Note: Dr. Eugene Gu is a resident physician at Vanderbilt University Medical Center and president of the Ganogen Research Institute. He graduated from Stanford University with honors and holds an M.D. from the Duke University School of Medicine. The views expressed in this piece are solely his own.

Last week, a video went viral on Twitter showing a large group of police officers arresting two African-American men at a Starbucks store in Philadelphia.