This Japanese Douchebag Has No Business Talking About Race In America

This Japanese Douchebag Has No Business Talking About Race In AmericaThis Japanese Douchebag Has No Business Talking About Race In America
Editor’s Note: Ranier Maningding is a copywriter and mastermind behind the social justice page “The Love Life of an Asian Guy“. The opinions expressed in this piece are solely his own.
This week, Nobita, a Japanese Youtuber who makes budget videos on Japanese culture, posted a video titled “The Black People may be DANGEROUS for Japan.” For ten whole minutes, Nobita explained why he thinks Black people are bad for Japanese culture.
His talking points include already-debunked Black crime statistics, pseudoscientific stats regarding the elevated testosterone in Black people as a way to prove that they’re more aggressive (this is basically Eugenics, aka, the kind of “stats” Adolf Hitler liked), and finally, mean comments on the internet.
Someone said “Go fuck yourself” and now you feel threatened? #SmellsLikeFragility
Yes. Nobita, a Japanese teacher from Japan, really tried to argue that mean Black people on the internet who live in America were somehow threatening the quality of life for Japanese people in Japan. The problem with Nobita’s video is the same problem a lot of white Americans have when it comes to social science: they (kinda) know how to obtain statistics, but they have no idea how to make sense of them.
Social science is not the same as a regular science. Unlike calculus or physics, which you can test in a lab or in a calculator and get the same results over and over, social sciences — both liberal sociology and conservative — cannot be tested with 100% accuracy. You can’t survey every single Asian person on the planet and to verify that they all have slanted eyes, nor can you claim that Black people are more aggressive just because a Black person said “fuck you” on the internet.
Understanding social science statistics is less about the numbers and more about how you make sense of them. You need social context in order to have a solid understanding of racism in America. So to understand Black crime stats, you have to take racial discrimination, racial profiling, police violence, colorism, and white supremacy into consideration before you even twist your mouth to call Black people inherently “violent.” All of these things are biases that impact the data. If you want to understand the data, you need to know the biases.
This got me thinking: if Nobita can’t even get his facts right on American racism and crime, how reliable is he as an educator of Japanese culture? I mean, that is his job, right? To test if his knowledge of Japanese social culture was full of shit, I watched a few of his videos and lord.
If Nobita were American he’d 100% fit in with the worst of Conservatives. Have ya’ll even seen his shit? Do you really know what you’re watching?
Brace yourselves, it’s bad.
In Nobita’s video “Why Chikan (molesting girls on trains) happens in Japan” posted on April 15th, he argues that sexual assault on public transportation happens because 1.) trains are too crowded 2.) girls (GIRLS, as in, underage) wear skirts that are too short and 3.) men who take the train are too exhausted from work.
“Prestigious high school girls” is a funny way of saying Sexual Assault of a Minor.
Is Nobita a Black belt in Rape Fu? Did he really use crowded trains and short skirts to validate sexual assault? Let’s hear from Nobita himself:

“If you see a really cute girl standing next to you and she’s wearing a really short skirt, probably that’s gonna turn on any guy.”

I know men can be pretty fucking clueless, but if you can’t restrain yourself from molesting young girls because your horniness outweighs your human decency, then maybe you need a fleshlight and some lube, not a dress code so women have to wear longer skirts.
Throughout the video, Nobita tried to cover his own ass by saying how much he dislikes sexual assault, but when you’ve already hit the bingo on a game of “Shit Sexual Predators Say,” you can’t walk-back your victim-blaming with a fake disclaimer.
The cluelessness of Nobita doesn’t just stop at social issue either. In one of his videos titled “The Solutions to The Birth Rate Issue in Japan,” Nobita argued that the low birth rate in Japan would be solved by 1.) taxing single people 2.) imposing legal restrictions on pornography and sex work and 3.) shortening the work week.
After seeing this thumbnail, I’d much rather die. Please. End me now so I don’t have to see this cringey face again.
Now, I’m totally down for shortening the work week so we can all get home earlier, but what door did  Nobita open in economic hell to think that a ‘Singles Tax’ would make any sense? Do you even know what a tax is? Do you even numbers, bro?
After sifting through more of Nobita’s shit, I realized that he’s no different than the racist, white supremacist, uneducated, back-alley hicks that we have growing in the American Midwest. Nobita might talk with a Japanese accent, live in Japan, and have Japanese friends, but the dude is a conservative dipshit. He’d fit right in with Milo YaGoobleGobble and Tomi Longforehead.
This leads me to an even bigger question: if Nobita can’t even comprehend his own country’s social, political, and economic issues, how in the world is he qualified to speak on Black people in America?
How are you gonna talk about Black aggression when you believe that sexual harassment of minors is justified because “woe is me, I had a long day at work”? How are you gonna talk about ‘triggered’ Black people on the internet when you made an entire video about how you feel unsafe because internet comments had you shook?
If you’re a fan of Nobita, and especially if you’re one of the gullible weebs who paid for Nobita’s bullshit Japanese courses, I hate to burst your bubble – you got scammed.
You paid for a course written by a dude who thinks crowded trains make male hands a magnet for underage boobs. You paid for a course designed by a dude who couldn’t make enough money from his Youtube channel, so he decided to make commentary videos about Black people.
Maybe Nobita should swing over to America where we also have crowded trains, long work hours, and short skirts. Only this time, he’ll come face-to-face with American short tempers and American made hands.
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