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American Woman Dragged From Korean Air Flight For Refusing to Sit in Her Economy Seat

An American woman was forcibly removed from a Korean Air flight as she yelled “NUCLEAR DISARMAMENT” after it was delayed for an hour and 40 minutes.

Video posted by Korea JoongAng Daily shows the 30-year-old woman, who originally paid for an economy seat, sitting down in the business class section on a flight bound for San Francisco that took off from Incheon International Airport on July 27.

Alleged Chinese Spy Sentenced in First Ever Case of Sharing Nuclear Secrets With China

The fate of the 66-year-old engineer who was found to be working as a spy for the Chinese government will be decided on Wednesday as he faces sentencing in the first prosecution of such kind in the United States.

Szuhsiung “Allen” Ho has confessed earlier this year to accusations of purchasing American nuclear technology secrets. According to Knox News, Ho’s admission of guilt is in compliance of a plea bargain negotiated by attorneys Wade Davies and Peter Zeidenberg as he hopes to get a shorter sentencing.

Japanese People Are Now Buying $19,000 Bunkers to Prepare for North Korea’s Nukes

With escalating tensions in the East Asian peninsula triggered by a rogue nation obsessed with nuclear activities, people in Japan are increasingly expressing concern over their safety, consequently buying more underground shelters to seal them from harm than ever before.

One thing seems clear for Japanese people: North Korea can strike anytime. On July 4, the hermit state launched yet another intercontinental ballistic missile that sparked worries not only among the Japanese, but among neighboring foreigners as well.

Japan Warns Citizens Of North Korean Nuclear Strike in New Chilling Broadcast

In a new national broadcast, Japan alerted its citizens to seek shelter in sturdy buildings or lie face down on the ground in the unfortunate event that North Korea fires a nuclear missile at the country.

The 30-second announcement is being aired on 43 TV stations from now until early July, while written instructions are being printed in 70 newspapers throughout Japan, The Telegraph reported.

North Korea Just Threatened Australia With a Nuclear Strike

North Korea threatened Australia with a nuclear strike should the latter persist in following the United States’ lead.

The threat comes after Foreign Minister Julie Bishop’s statements in a radio interview, where she reportedly detested the country for threatening regional peace and expressed support for the U.S. policy that “all options are on the table.”

Fukushima’s Radiation is So Deadly Even Robots Can’t Survive After Exposure

Cleaning up the mess at Fukushima has proven to be a tough task even for Japan’s robots as high radiation levels in the site repeatedly cause them to malfunction each time a probe is attempted.

Considered to be the largest nuclear disaster since the 1986 Chernobyl incident, the massive meltdown at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant caused the leak of around 600 tons of toxic fuel, with high levels of radiation still being emitted today. The multi-billion dollar disaster was initiated primarily by a tsunami following the Tōhoku earthquake on March 11 2011.

Eerie Photos Reveal What Fukushima Looks Like 4 Years After the Nuclear Disaster

One photographer had the opportunity to get a rare look inside the abandoned radioactive towns of Fukushima, Japan four years after two natural disasters triggered a meltdown at the nuclear plant.  

Arkadiusz Podniesiński, 44, is a Polish photographer and filmmaker who received special permits to visit the towns in Fukushima affected by radiation from the infamous nuclear accident of 2011. The sights he witnessed tell a tragic story of the people who were forced to leave their homes following the nearby power plant meltdown.