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Japanese Man Becomes the First Person to Earn a Ninja Studies Degree

mie university

A Japanese man studying at Mie University has become the first person to ever receive a ninja studies degree.

Genichi Mitsuhashi, a 45-year-old student of Mie University in Tsu, Mie prefecture has completed a master’s course in ninja studies after two years of researching historical documents and taking a more hands-on approach in living life as a ninja, according to AFP via Japan Times.

Japan is Having a Shortage of Ninjas Despite Offering $85,000 Salary

Iga, located in Mie Prefecture, Japan, is reportedly having a lesser-known crisis compared to the demographic one that the country is currently facing – huge shortage of ninjas despite offering candidates a pretty hefty annual salary of $85,000 as maximum.

The small city, which believes to be the birthplace of the popular ninjas, receives about 30,000 tourists to see and experience the annual ninja festival held in Iga. But while this may be good news to some, the city is actually suffering from depopulation and young people are now moving away from rural countryside, Business Insider reported.

Japanese Firm Hopes to Provide Actual ‘Ninja’ Security Guards for the 2020 Olympics

A Japanese security firm is eyeing to deploy modern ninjas as security officers for the 2020 Summer Olympics.

For over a year now, SCC Co. has found tremendous success in having its guards dressed as ninjas, according to Japan Times. The security firm is reportedly based in Koka, a city in Shiga Prefecture known as the birthplace of a prominent ninja school.

Japanese Photographer Captures the Purr-fect Moment Cats Become Ninjas

Crazy cat lovers know by heart that kitties aren’t just better companions than hoomans, but excellent photography subjects, too. This is precisely the reason why their photos are more popular than selfies, according to research.

Taking cat photos can be easy, especially when they’re still. One Japanese photographer, however, challenged himself to do the exact opposite: capture them in action, showcasing their ninjutsu skills.

How Japanese Temples Have Ingeniously Kept Intruders Out for Centuries

Centuries-old temples in Japan have an ingenious way of keeping intruders from breaking in and stealing their prized treasures — floors that actually sing like birds.

Designed to make a chirping sound when walked upon with the most silent steps, the type of flooring system is called Nightingale floors, or uguisubari, which literally means “bush warbler bird guard watch” in Japan.

Japan Has a Huge Shortage of Ninja

Japan is in need of ninja after a shortage in its warriors due to the large demand from foreign visitors.

Known and famous for their stealth moves, many would assume that Japan still flourish in ninja warriors, which is only unique to the Asian country. However, according to the Independentsaid that there is a shortage of these martial arts experts because of a lack of candidates that would be perfect for this practice.