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POC employees at New York Times get lower performance evaluation scores: report

  • The NewsGuild released a report on Tuesday highlighting the racial disparities in the New York Times’ performance evaluations for its staffers.
  • The journalist union’s report, analyzed by journalists from the Times, was reviewed by leading academic economists, statisticians and performance evaluation experts.
  • With a 95% confidence interval, analysts found that in 2021, Asian staffers at the New York Times were 34.2% less likely to receive a high rating than white employees, while Black staffers were 47.2% less likely and Hispanic employees were 61.2% less likely.
  • “Guild members who believed their contributions weren't fairly rated in the review process have said they feel demoralized and alienated — a pernicious outcome as The Times attempts to recruit and retain a diverse workforce,” the report said.
  • The NewsGuild noted that receiving low ratings directly impacts an employee's paycheck, as well as potential bonuses and career opportunities.

A report released by a journalist union has highlighted the racial disparities in the New York Times’ performance evaluations for its employees, showing that white staffers have higher chances of receiving top scores than POC staffers.

Published by The NewsGuild on Tuesday, the report analyzed the performance ratings provided by the New York Times to all Guild-represented employees and discovered that POC employees are less likely to receive high scores in their performance ratings at the department level than their white colleagues.

50 years later, woman from iconic ‘Napalm Girl’ photo shares message about Ukraine, school shootings

  • For the 50th anniversary of Vietnam’s “Napalm Girl” photo, Kim Phuc Phan Thi, who was only 9 when it was taken, offered a message of hope and positivity.
  • When it was first published in 1972, the photo gained widespread attention and won a Pulitzer Prize, becoming one of the most well-known images of the Vietnam War.
  • Despite the physical and mental hardships Kim faced, she emphasized the importance of images in confronting the realities of war.
  • However, citing herself as proof, Kim stated, “Look how horrible war is. But, look, right now, my life, how beautiful the world can be.”
  • In her guest essay for the New York Times, Kim wrote about how she journeyed through life with the photograph, learned to love the photo and became a symbol of peace.

Kim Phuc Phan Thi, Vietnam’s “Napalm Girl,” is offering a message of hope with the world 50 years after the iconic photo that featured her was taken.

The “Napalm Girl” photo was taken in Trảng Bàng by the South Vietnamese photographer Nick Ut when Phan Thi was only 9. The powerful and controversial image was placed on the front pages of many newspapers, won a Pulitzer Prize and would become one of the most famous images of the Vietnam War.

NYT food writer Eric Kim’s new cookbook ‘Korean American’ will make you cry (and not from onions)

eric kim korean american FI
  • New York Times columnist Eric Kim sat with NextShark to talk about his bestselling debut cookbook, “Korean American.”
  • The book not only includes delicious, original recipes, but an investigation into Asian American identity and culture.
  • “Only recently have I been able to fully embrace that I am at once both and neither, and something else entirely: I am Korean American,” explains Kim.
  • The book is full of mesmerizing, mouth-watering photos of Kim’s many brilliant dishes, but as Kim also says, this was a project of unpacking his upbringing, as Jean’s son and as a Korean American existing in a space between two worlds.
  • His recipes magnify this point, with many being a fusion of Korean and American cuisine, such as his pan-seared rib eye with gochujang (red pepper paste) butter dish or his sesame-soy deviled eggs.

New York Times columnist Eric Kim sat with NextShark to talk about his bestselling debut cookbook, “Korean American,” which not only includes delicious, original recipes, but an investigation into Asian American identity and culture.

Kim released the book at the end of March this year and has since been on tour, including a visit to his hometown of Atlanta, Georgia.

‘There’s no judgment’: NYT reporter defends writing Asian Americans are ‘overrepresented’ in figure skating

new york times

Amid a fiery backlash that included accusations of anti-Asian bias, New York Times sports reporter Andrew Keh has defended his use of the word “overrepresented” in describing the presence of Asian Americans in figure skating.

Keh, who is Asian American, found himself in hot water last weekend after writing an article published on Feb. 8 titled “The Asian American Pipeline in Figure Skating.” The story featured statements from prominent Asian American skaters, including Tiffany Chin, Kristi Yamaguchi, Naomi Nari Nam, Nathan Chen, Karen Chen, Alysa Liu and Vincent Zhou.

‘Delete this right now’: New York Times’ Singaporean Chicken Curry dish savaged online

nyt singapore chicken curry
  • A “Singaporean chicken curry” video posted to Instagram by New York Times Cooking has sparked online fervor because of the curry’s apparently less-than-appealing appearance.
  • In the video, posted Tuesday, a writer prepares the curry according to a recipe by a Singaporean contributor, which is highly rated with four out of five stars on the New York Times Cooking website.
  • Unfortunately, the finished dish fails to match the vibrant colors or thick texture of the original recipe, with the watery brown result leading to comparisons to “drainage water.”

A video of “Singaporean chicken curry” created from a recipe published by New York Times Cooking has stirred online fervor, as the resulting curry’s appearance drew comparisons to “drainage water.”

The video, uploaded to New York Times Cooking’s Instagram on Tuesday, shows Taipei-based freelance journalist Clarissa Wei preparing one of the publication’s recipes for Singaporean Chicken Curry. 

Critics charge NY Times story on disagreement between Asian and Black activists ignores data

black asian americans solidarity

The New York Times is facing criticism for failing to address what some contend is a crucial point in a recent article that sought to explain why Asian and Black activists struggle to unite against violence.

Driving the news: In a 1,500-word story published on Sunday, the Times identified policing as the “one main issue” that divides the communities. While Black Lives Matter activists — fueled by the death of George Floyd in May 2020 — call for defunding law enforcement, some Asian leaders support more policing, given the astronomical surge in attacks against their community amid the COVID-19 pandemic.