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Videos show severity of historic rainfall in Seoul that flooded the city, leaving 8 dead and 7 missing

korea flooding
  • A historic rainfall in Seoul has sent floods down subway stations and roads, reportedly leaving eight people dead and seven others missing.
  • Videos show cars and buses submerged in water, with some people stuck on top of their vehicles, as well as water rushing down subway station stairs like a waterfall.
  • The rain began Monday morning and intensified by night with pedestrians wading in thigh-high waters in Gangnam.
  • Monday night recorded the highest hourly downpour measured in South Korea since 1942.

Videos online show vehicles submerged and people wading through thigh-high waters in Seoul as South Korea was hit by a historic rainfall that reportedly left eight dead and seven others missing.

The rain began Monday morning and intensified through the evening. By nightfall, streets in Seoul were flooded and water cascaded down subway station steps. Stranded cars and buses were seen scattered on the streets as workers cleared the roads on Tuesday, blocking off damaged roads and pavements. 

Here’s where you can donate to Filipinos affected by the Super Typhoon Rai

Typhoon Rai Relief Funds
  • Super Typhoon Rai has displaced more than 481,000 Filipinos and has resulted in 375 verified deaths.
  • Many organizations and companies have set up local and international methods through which people can help those affected.

Organizations and companies are calling for urgent donations for those affected by Super Typhoon Rai in the Philippines.

International Donations 

Doctor Goes to Help Puerto Rico, Discovers the Disaster is Much Worse in Person

I volunteered in Puerto Rico for two weeks, serving as a doctor in a mobile medical unit. What I witnessed was a humanitarian crisis that was far worse than that portrayed through U.S. media.

My team targeted rural communities in the middle, south and west coastal towns not yet surveyed by FEMA. We had expected that the state would have made progress a month after the storm, but outside of San Juan, conditions remained unchanged. Fences and power lines torn from the ground still obstructed the streets. Bridges collapsed and roads were impassable after landslides.