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CEO Posts About ‘Gross’ Asian Mushrooms From ‘Shi**y’ Chinese Restaurants, Immediately Regrets It

The chairman and chief executive officer of a clean cosmetics company is beginning to come under fire over culturally-insensitive comments she had made on social media regarding Asian mushrooms.

Annie Lawless, who founded Lawless Beauty in 2017, talked about “gross” Asian mushrooms from “shi**y” Chinese restaurants while hiking in a now-deleted Instagram story.

Singaporean Model, DJ Faces 20 Years in P‌ris‌on Over C‌oca‌ine, Shr‌oo‌ms

An international DJ from Singapore is facing decades of j‌a‌il time for multiple dr‌u‌g-related charges.

Debbie Valerie Long, better known by her moniker Tenashar, has been charged with two counts of drug consumption, possession of Erimin-5, a hypnotic muscle relaxer known as “Happy 5” or nimetazepam, and the importation of psilocin, one of the substances found in psychedelic mushrooms.

‘King of Mushrooms’ Discovered By Farmer in Chinese Village

A village near Tengchong, Yunnan Province in China is home to a cluster of mushrooms so big that they’re being regarded by residents as the “king of mushrooms.”

While the mushroom cluster can reach up to 83.5 centimeters (32.8 inches) (2.7 feet) high, the widest, most far-reaching mushroom, also known as “elephant foot”, alone has an expansive diameter of 40 centimeters (15.7 inches) (1.3 ft).