‘King of Mushrooms’ Discovered By Farmer in Chinese Village

‘King of Mushrooms’ Discovered By Farmer in Chinese Village
Kyle Encina
October 24, 2017
A village near Tengchong, Yunnan Province in China is home to a cluster of mushrooms so big that they’re being regarded by residents as the “king of mushrooms.”
While the mushroom cluster can reach up to 83.5 centimeters (32.8 inches) (2.7 feet) high, the widest, most far-reaching mushroom, also known as “elephant foot”, alone has an expansive diameter of 40 centimeters (15.7 inches) (1.3 ft).
According to South China Morning Post, the “king of mushrooms” was initially discovered by an 81-year-old farmer who was merely scouring the village for mushrooms, but stumbled upon an enormous cluster instead.
Chinese Academy of Sciences researcher Yang Zhuliang revealed that these types of mushrooms are actually edible, so some visitors might be tempted to snag it. However, the farmer proceeded to place a protective fence around it to prevent visitors from damaging or eating the king of mushrooms.
The farmer is so astounded by the mushrooms that he hopes to preserve it so that future visitors can still witness it in its full glory.
“I’m 81 years old and have never seen such a big mushroom in my life,” the farmer added.
Fortunately, the large fungal cluster managed to attract a number of visitors to the village, posing and taking selfies around the legendary mushrooms.
It’s a good thing this behemoth cluster of fungi isn’t related to the orgasm-inducing mushroom family. Otherwise, visitors would’ve been lining up with their noses first instead of their cameras.
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