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Furious Thai Wife Finds Her Husband’s Mistress at a Party, Kicks Her in the Head

An enraged Thai wife from Bangkok, Thailand confronted her husband’s mistress at a house party but what happened next was totally unexpected.

A video footage showed a furious Thai woman attacking who is believed to be the mistress of her husband. According to Daily Mail, after her husband admitted that he had a “side chick,” his anonymous wife decided to go to the mistress’ house to confront her.

Alleged Mistress Caught on Video Getting Stripped And Beaten in China

Footage of a woman thought to be the mistress of a cheating husband has reportedly surfaced in China. The alleged mistress is seen being brutally stripped and beaten by a group of women.

At least seven women can be seen assaulting the victim believed by observers to be a mistress. While the motive and story behind the attack has not been established, some netizens have commented that the group of attackers might have been giving her punishment for having an affair with a married man. 

Chinese Services Will Destroy Love Affairs and Get Rid of Mistresses For $45,000

Cheating husbands in China are probably aware by now that Chinese wives do not take infidelity lightly. While some wives take the matter into their own hands and openly attack mistresses violently in the city streets, there are those who choose to seek the help of professionals.

Agencies offering specialized services that end extramarital affairs between husbands and their mistresses have become increasingly popular in the country recently, The New York Times reports. The so-called “mistress-dispelling services,” which are usually sought by the cheated wife, not only provide necessary tips and coaching to save the marriages, but also work primarily to eliminate the mistress.

Chinese Wife Destroys Cheating Husband’s $150,000 BMW After Discovering Mistress

In the latest news of angry Asian people smashing their cars is the tragic fate of a BMW 740 that faced the wrath of a furious woman in Shenzhen, China.

The middle-aged woman, identified by her surname, Wu, reportedly destroyed her husband’s BMW 740 in a fit of rage after discovering that he was cheating on her with another woman. According to Shanghaiist, Wu allegedly saw her husband rendezvousing with another woman in the car.  

Meet The Man Who Makes Up To $300,000 by Making Mistresses Go Away

Chinese wives are increasingly turning to new services aimed at convincing their wealthy but unfaithful husbands’ mistresses to abandon their affairs.

“Mistress-dispelling” companies in China often employ gym instructors, counselors, lawyers and investigators to get the other women to drop their romantic interloping, according to the South China Morning Post. Mistresses targeted by these companies are helped in moving on to new careers, social circles and romances, oftentimes backed by the argument that the husbands do not actually ever intend to divorce.