Alleged Mistress Caught on Video Getting Stripped And Beaten in China

Alleged Mistress Caught on Video Getting Stripped And Beaten in China
Ryan General
By Ryan General
October 7, 2016
Footage of a woman thought to be the mistress of a cheating husband has reportedly surfaced in China. The alleged mistress is seen being brutally stripped and beaten by a group of women.
At least seven women can be seen assaulting the victim believed by observers to be a mistress. While the motive and story behind the attack has not been established, some netizens have commented that the group of attackers might have been giving her punishment for having an affair with a married man. 
The video was reportedly first uploaded by a user named Qi Di Times to Weibo, the Chinese social networking site, on October 6, according to the Daily Mail.
In the 23-second clip, some of the women were shown pulling off the victim’s clothes and hair while others were beating and kicking her. The savage attack left the victim sitting on the floor half-naked in the middle of a busy street in an unidentified Chinese city.
The helpless woman tugged at her underwear throughout the ordeal to prevent it from being torn away as well. Bystanders watched as the disturbingly vicious attack went on with one woman trying to intervene at one point but her efforts failed to stop the group.
Qi Di Times, the video uploader, told Daily Mail that the video was from a different online source who did not provide further details of the incident.
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