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Nintendo ‘Laughed Their Asses Off’ at Microsoft’s Offer to Buy Them 20 Years Ago


Microsoft once tried to buy Nintendo and it didn’t go quite as planned, a recent Bloomberg feature on the creation of the original Xbox revealed.  

Not taken seriously: Microsoft’s former third-party relations director, Kevin Bachus, shared that the Japanese video game giant reportedly “just laughed their asses off” when Microsoft made the offer 20 years ago.

Microsoft, Amazon Employees Caught Using Work Emails To Buy Sex From Trafficked Asian Women

Employees from both Amazon and Microsoft in Seattle were recently exposed to be using their company email accounts to engage in Asian sex trafficking.

Newsweek recently obtained multiple emails sent by the so-called “prostitution hobbyists” between 2014 and 2016 sourcing trafficked Asian sex workers from pimps and brothels with names such as Golden Blossom, AsianCandy777 and 7HeavenofAsia.

Microsoft-Backed Startup Has a Genius Way to Give People Wi-Fi in the Philippines

Internet access to some parts of the world is either extremely limited or non-existent. It’s no secret that the Philippines has one of the worst Internet services in the world.

However, there are now free sponsored Wifi hotspots in stores across the Philippines to help with the country’s incredibly slow and unbelievably expensive Internet problem. A startup called Wifi Interactive Network (WIN) is on a mission to bring Internet to the masses using a novel business model.

Microsoft Creates ‘Teen Girl’ AI – Becomes a Hitler-Loving Sex Robot Within 24 Hours

Microsoft recently discovered the shocking result of introducing their newest AI chat robot modeled after a teen girl to the internet — she became a full blown sex-crazed Nazi in less than a day.

The chat bot, named Tay, was marketed as “The AI with zero chill” and learned about the world and how to respond to other people through the conversations she had with humans on Twitter, Kik and GroupMe. She also uses millennial slang and was already fully aware of pop culture icons.

Bill Gates Had a Creepy Way of Checking Whether His Microsoft Employees Were Working

In the early days of Microsoft, a workaholic Bill Gates had an unusual way of tracking how long his employees worked.

In an interview with the BBC’s Kirsty Young on Radio 4, Gates revealed some details about his youth and his college days with Paul Allen, who would later become Microsoft’s co-founder, including the time he memorized all of his employees license plates: