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South Korea’s new face mask that can cover only noses so its wearers can eat confuses netizens

  • South Korean company Atman released a two-part mask that can be rolled up to expose the mouth while keeping the nose covered for convenient eating and drinking.
  • While some are praising the innovative idea, others are baffled by the strange design of the new mask.
  • Since going viral, the new mask’s design has been mocked by social media users, with many questioning its effectiveness.

The new Kosk mask, designed and released by South Korean company Atman, has stirred up a frenzy after many were left baffled by the new mask’s strange design and lack of efficacy. 

The name of the mask, Kosk, comes from the combination of the Korean word for nose, “ko,” and mask. 

Maskless California man bullies the wrong ‘Korean Uncle’ as H Mart Ahjummas come to his defense

A man who caused a ruckus after refusing to wear a mask at an H Mart in California was forced to leave the store as its manager and customers stood together to kick him out.

What happened: The incident occurred at the Korean American supermarket’s location in West Huntington Drive, Arcadia around 6:15 p.m. on Aug. 6. Emilie Tan (@emilieeetan), who was shopping with her boyfriend, managed to film parts of the chaos.

Washington Teens to Supply Over 30,000 Masks to Frontline Medical Workers


The Washington Youth for Masks initiative started by Angelina Chin, an Issaquah High junior, is raising funds and securing personal protective equipment (PPE) for frontline medical professionals in their battle against COVID-19.

Chin founded the initiative on March 29 with three of her friends, Claire Kang, Faith Lee, and Isha Rudramurthy, all belonging to Issaquah High.

12-Year-Old Fashion Designer Sews Masks for Doctors and Nurses Fighting COVID-19

COVID-19 mask

A 12-year-old fashion designer from California aims to sew 500 face masks for health care workers fighting coronavirus in the country.

Ashlyn So, whose designs have graced New York Fashion Week — among various other shows — began giving away masks to doctors and nurses in her neighborhood. She then gave her handmade masks to others in New York through relatives who work at hospitals.

NYU Graduate, Taiwanese Company Help Groups Source Needed PPE From Asia


A-Action International Trading Co., a Taiwan-based international trading company, offers to be the missing link for those who need to source personal protective equipment (PPE) in China or elsewhere but cannot ship to the US due to the lack of FDA approval or certification.

Millicent Shih, a NYU ’18 grad who moved to China to work for the company, runs the US arm and reached out in hopes of aiding those who struggle with obtaining FDA, CE, and ISO certified PPEs coming out of China.

Chinese Americans Unite Over WeChat to Fight COVID-19 in NY Despite Experiencing Abuse

New York hospitals

A New York Times article has compiled a list of Chinese American associations and groups who have raised funds to secure and donate masks to New York hospitals during the COVID-19 crisis.

Despite the current climate and the increased number of hate crimes and racially-charged attacks targeted at Asians, Asian Americans are stepping up to combat the need for personal protective equipment (PPE) and ventilators.