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Mahjong Set for the ‘Stylish Masses’ Accused of Cultural Appropriation

Editor’s Note: This article has been updated with a statement posted by the Mahjong Line on the company’s Instagram and Facebook on Tuesday. O&H Brand Design, which helped design the tiles, also released a separate statement saying they have since cut ties with The Mahjong Line.

The Mahjong Line, a company created by three women from Dallas, Texas, has stirred online controversy for its products that give Mahjong “a modern makeover as playable works of art.”

Hermès Releases $41,000 Leather Mahjong Set

French fashion house Hermès has just released a 57,000 Singaporean dollars ($41,000) leather mahjong set for Chinese aunties who like to play in style.

Called Helios, the mahjong set’s tiles are made of palissander wood and printed on Sift calfskin, according to Mashable. It comes in deep, dark brown with a white undertone color called ébène, much different than the traditional white and green color.

Playing Mahjong May Reduce Depression, Study Finds

Mahjong is no longer just a means to teach crazy rich Asian mothers that prejudice can cost you your child’s happiness. As it turns out, the tile-based strategy game can also help adults struggling with symptoms of depression.

That’s according to a new study published in the journal Social Science & Medicine, which shows that a regular game of Mahjong can help reduce rates of depression among middle-aged and older adults in China. Those who reside in urban areas particularly found it beneficial.

P‌ol‌ic‌e Hu‌nt Armed Ro‌bb‌ers Who Ro‌bb‌e‌d Brooklyn Mahjong Parlor Twice

Local au‌tho‌rities are on the lookout for a trio of ar‌m‌ed ro‌bb‌er‌s who stole from a mahjong parlor in Brooklyn twice in the span of three days last month.

The ro‌bb‌ers, described by the New York Po‌li‌ce‌ De‌par‌tm‌ent as Hispanic men in their 20s, reportedly took thousands of dollars from the players inside the establishment situated on Ninth Ave. at 52nd St. in Sunset Park.

Up to Half a Million Middle-Aged White ‘Aunties’ are Playing Mahjong in the U.S.

Mahjong, a popular game in China that requires skill, strategy with a dash of gambling on the side, is reportedly popular in the United States, according to the video report posted by KNOE 8 News in February.

The report claimed that at least half a million of people are playing mahjong in the U.S. and based on the video, it seems like the game is fairly popular among the female demographic.