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Interracial Family Receives Racist Letter Telling Them to Move Out of Mostly White Neighborhood

An Asian interracial family in the predominantly White city of Vacaville, California received a disturbing letter from an anonymous sender asking them to move out of their neighborhood as the family are “not welcome here.”

Marc Yu, who is of Chinese and Filipino descent, found the letter in their mailbox as he was heading to work on Wednesday morning.

United Airlines Passenger Says Officer ‘Laughed’ as David Dao Was Dragged Off Flight

Jason Powell, a passenger on the same United Airlines flight as David Dao, said that one of the three officers was “laughing” as he dragged the 69-year-old doctor off the plane.

On April 11, the Chicago Tribune published an op-ed letter in which a Louisville, Kentucky, high school teacher described the incident on Sunday that involved Dao being forcibly removed from an overbooked flight at O’Hare International Airport.

Man Secretly Proposes to His Girlfriend Over Three Years With Love Letters

After only a week of dating, Timothy Chee began sending his now-wife Candice Catherine handwritten love letters, the first of which started with a capital “W.”

Candice, 25, received 13 more letters during the Australian couple’s three-year relationship with each love note starting off with a capital letter that would eventually spell out the words “Will you marry me.