Cake with essay-length heartfelt messages goes viral in the Philippines

Cake with essay-length heartfelt messages goes viral in the Philippines
Khier Casino
November 24, 2022
Sometimes it’s hard to convey how you really feel to a loved one on a special occasion, so a customer at a bakery in the Philippines decided to write an entire heartfelt letter on a cake.
Pasteleria Manila, a bakery founded by Cecilia “Ces” Lopez in 2009, shared a photo of a 10×14 inches caramel cake with a message covering its entire surface on Facebook and Instagram on Tuesday.
“Yes, there is such a thing, uh huh,” the bakery captioned the photo on social media.
The cake, addressed to a person named “Tristan,” was piped with lengthy messages.
“Happy birthday, Sir Tristan. Stay safe and healthy,” one of the messages read.
“Happy B-Day Sir, wishing you good health and be safe always. … God Bless and more power,” another read.
Pasteleria Manila said in an interview with Pilipino Star Ngayon Digital that the design is the longest birthday message they’ve ever received from a customer.
While there is no additional charge for long messages, the bakeshop pointed out that it can only pipe one lengthy dedication a day, reported.
“What is this, a last will?” one social media user joked.
Other commenters praised the bakery’s icing piping skills.
“Kudos to the decorator! If I did that my hands are going to cramp,” one remarked.
The post has since gone viral, with more than 9,000 reactions and 5,000 shares on Facebook, while the Instagram post garnered over 5,300 likes.
Featured Image via Pasteleria Manila
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