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People Are Offended After Instagrammer Names Kitten ‘Annyong’ from ‘Arrested Development’

An adorable little Instagram kitten was named Annyong, which is “hello” in Korean, but not everyone was amused.

Ronda Layne, who runs her rescue pit bull Zuca’s Instagram account in Portland, Oregon, named one of the kittens she volunteered to foster Annyong after the adopted Korean son of Lucille and George Bluth in the hit series “Arrested Development,” which returns to Netflix on May 29.

Kitten is Found Nearly Frozen to Death in Snow, But Then a Miracle Happens

One kitten received an early Christmas miracle on Thanksgiving Day after a Utah family brought him back to life after he was found frozen outside in the snow.

In a video filmed by Branden Bingham, the kitten, no more than a few weeks old, can be seen being rushed inside near a fireplace by his younger brother Justin. The small feline had been found in a foot of snow by Branden’s son near the Bingham family’s cabin at Bear Lake on Thanksgiving morning, reports Fox 13.