Kitten is Found Nearly Frozen to Death in Snow, But Then a Miracle Happens

Kitten is Found Nearly Frozen to Death in Snow, But Then a Miracle HappensKitten is Found Nearly Frozen to Death in Snow, But Then a Miracle Happens
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December 3, 2015
One kitten received an early Christmas miracle on Thanksgiving Day after a Utah family brought him back to life after he was found frozen outside in the snow.
In a video filmed by Branden Bingham, the kitten, no more than a few weeks old, can be seen being rushed inside near a fireplace by his younger brother Justin. The small feline had been found in a foot of snow by Branden’s son near the Bingham family’s cabin at Bear Lake on Thanksgiving morning, reports Fox 13.
“I walked up to it, and it was just a frozen little snowball,” Branden Bingham told Fox 13. “There was not a pulse, there was no heartbeat, there was no breathing, it was lifeless, it was cold and lifeless.”
Justin, who had taken veterinary classes at Brigham Young University, began trying to resuscitate the tiny, blue-eyed kitten with CPR.
“I kind of assumed if I gently started pumping its chest, and get the heart moving and rubbing it–things like that–it would start the blood flow and eventually bring the cat back,” Justin said.
Eventually, believing the kitten was unrevivable, Branden brought his kids back outside to play so as to “forget about their sad start to their Thanksgiving.”
Upon coming back inside, however, Branden was shocked to see the kitten had come to life. His brother’s efforts to resurrect the cat for over an hour was successful.
“Unbelievable what it looked like, what was going to be a sad start to a Thanksgiving ended up being what we would say is an early Christmas miracle watching this cat literally being brought back to life right in front of our eyes,” Branden said.
The miraculously saved kitten, named Lazarus after the biblical subject who was resurrected from death, was adopted by and now lives with a Bingham cousin in Logan, Utah.
Watch the kitten’s rescue below:
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