Man Misses Flight To Save a Stray Cat — Gets Saved From the Worst Plane Crash Ever

Sometimes, it really pays to help someone (or something) in need. 
Yuriko Morota, a Japan-based professional pianist, recently shared a touching story on Twitter about her uncle who one day encountered an abandoned kitten on his way to the airport for a business trip.
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The tweet, which was translated by RocketNews24, reads:
“31 years ago, my uncle was on his way to the airport to catch a flight for a business trip when he came across an abandoned kitten. He, being the cat-lover he is, just couldn’t leave it there, so he picked it up and brought it back home. Because of this, he missed his flight. That flight was the JAL plane that crashed 31 years ago. He named the cat Nikkō and loved it for the rest of its life. This is a true story.”
Morota is referring to Japan Airlines Flight 123, which crashed on August 12, 1985 due to faulty repairs made on another incident years earlier. After 12 minutes in the air, an explosion caused it to crash land on Osutaka Ridge, 62 miles from Tokyo. Rescuers didn’t make it to the crash site until morning. Only four out of the 524 passengers and crew members on board survived the crash. To this day, it’s known as the worst single-aircraft accident in history.
So, if you’re ever in a hurry to go somewhere and get delayed by external forces, don’t be angry. Sometimes, things happen for a reason and there’s a silver lining to everything in life.
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