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Garbage Men Spend Hours Digging Through 13 Tons of Trash to Find Woman’s $16,000 Diamond Ring

After two hours of searching through several tons of trash, eight sanitary workers finally found the diamond ring that a woman accidentally threw away while cleaning in Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province, China on Monday.

According to Beijing Times, the woman, surnamed Xia, was cleaning her home on Dec. 18 when she accidentally threw her 110,000 yuan ($16,700) diamond ring in the trash, as translated by Shanghaiist via Medium. But it was already too late when she realized her ring was missing.

Chinese Twin Sisters Discover Each Other After 26 Years When Police Suspect Identity Fraud

A pair of Chinese twins finally met each other after 26 years when police suspected them of being the same person in an identity fraud case.

Authorities in the province of Jiangsu sifted through local population data in November and found that the birthdates of the two women were only one year apart and feared that this might be a case of identity fraud, according to Shanghaiist.