Chinese Twin Sisters Discover Each Other After 26 Years When Police Suspect Identity Fraud

Chinese Twin Sisters Discover Each Other After 26 Years When Police Suspect Identity Fraud
Kyle Encina
December 5, 2017
A pair of Chinese twins finally met each other after 26 years when police suspected them of being the same person in an identity fraud case.
Authorities in the province of Jiangsu sifted through local population data in November and found that the birthdates of the two women were only one year apart and feared that this might be a case of identity fraud, according to Shanghaiist.
Authorities then contacted one of the women, who went by the surname Yang from Taizhou, to unearth a connection with her supposed doppelgänger surnamed Pei from Wuxi.
Officials then showed Pei’s picture to Yang, who explained that she was adopted and was aware of her twin sister, but had no idea of her whereabouts.
Yang even showed the picture to her husband to see if he found her attractive, to which he responded, “This person is you, of course she is pretty.”
She also posted photos of Pei to her family’s WeChat group and nobody noticed that it was a different person.
However, it didn’t take another two decades before the police were able to get a hold of Pei, which led to both sisters meeting up for the first time in their lives. The sisters decided to undergo DNA testing, which, unsurprisingly, confirmed that they were indeed twins.
Pei resembled her sister so much that Yang’s daughter called her “mom” and even reached out to her while asking for a hug. Both women’s biological parents reportedly placed them up for adoption to different families because they originally wanted a son.
While it took Yang and Pei more than 20 years before they could reconnect, they’re quite fortunate since other twins take a bit longer than that. South Korean American identical twins Katey Bennet and Amanda Dunford were separated for over 30 years and lived miles apart before they discovered they were actually sisters.
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