Woman Mistakenly Pays More Than $1,600 for a Few Steamed Buns

Woman Mistakenly Pays More Than $1,600 for a Few Steamed BunsWoman Mistakenly Pays More Than $1,600 for a Few Steamed Buns
A woman in eastern China has fellow consumers taking notes after accidentally paying thousands of yuan for a few steamed buns.
The transaction, which took place on May 18, saw the customer shell out 11,122 yuan ($1,610) for her breakfast at a shop in Suzhou, Jiangsu province through WeChat Pay.
The shop owner did not notice the costly purchase until the evening when she started reviewing receipts.
When the customer failed to show up the next day, she decided to report the matter to police.
However, searching for the customer did not come easy — police only found a very blurred figure on surveillance footage.
At one point, the shop owner sought help from locals in the area, who then printed announcements and posted them around the community, according to Yangtze Evening News.
The shop owner
The customer was eventually found and her money returned, Shanghaiist reported.
As it turned out, she mistakenly typed her password, “11122,” instead of the amount of her purchase on WeChat Pay.
The customer
The story drew mixed reactions on Chinese social media, with some urging fellow customers to be more careful when transacting online.
Others praised the shop owner for her honesty and persistence in finding the customer.
Weibo users commented:
“This seller has conscience.”
“These are really very good people.”
“This customer should thank the shop owner!”
“My wallet will have a warning alert if I’m being careless: ‘insufficient balance.’”
“You have demonstrated integrity, so future business will even be more prosperous.”
Featured Images via Yangtze Evening News
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