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Local Pakistanis attack Chinese tile company workers for allegedly insulting Prophet Muhammad

Pakistan locals attack

In Faisalabad, Pakistan, local residents physically attacked employees of a Chinese tile manufacturing company for disrespecting the Prophet Muhammad. 

 What happened: In a viral video released by Zee News on Oct. 13, local Pakistanis are seen storming the premises of Time Ceramics Limited and attacking the company’s workers for allegedly insulting the Prophet Muhammad.

India Finally Bans Islamic Law That Let Men Instantly Divorce Their Wives

The instant divorce religious custom Talaq-e-mughallazah, or simply referred to as Triple Talaq, has been banned by India’s Supreme Court, marking it as a clean victory for women rights activist in the country.

The Triple Talaq basically allows a man to legally divorce his wife just by saying the word “talaq” for three consecutive times. Sometimes it can even be performed through letters or even modern-age messaging system like through emails, messaging apps (WhatsApp) or Skype, according to BBC.

Korean Drama Draws Outrage For Islamophobic and Racist Content

A South Korean drama has drawn ire for its erratic portrayal of Islamic culture which some viewers found Islamophobic and racist.

“Man Who Dies to Live,” aired by MBC, centers on the journey of a man who settled in a fictional, Arab-resembling kingdom called “Bodoantia,” where he became a successful count, and goes back to his home of South Korea to find a long-lost daughter.

China is Now Forcing Little Children to Change Their ‘Extreme’ Islamic Names

China has extended a recently-imposed ban on “extreme” names for Islamic newborns in the Muslim-dominated region of Xinjiang to teenagers up to the age of 16.

The extension, represented as Order No. 4425, requires all Uyghur parents to change the names of their children 16 and below if they are listed in the region-wide ban, according to a WeChat announcement of Xinjiang’s Public Security Bureau.

Why The Latest X-Men Comic is Causing an Uproar in Indonesia’s Muslim Community

A new Marvel comic book series has sparked a heated political discussion on Indonesia’s social media after an artist inserted several hidden references in the comic’s maiden issue.

Indonesian Muslim Ardian Syaf, a freelance contributing artist, was recently fired from his job after his recent work on Marvel’s latest X-Men Gold ignited a backlash among Indonesian netizens, Bleeding Cool reports.

Indonesian Woman Caned in Front of Cheering Crowd For Standing Too Close to Her Boyfriend

A young woman whose only crime was “standing too close to her boyfriend,” was publicly caned at a mosque in Indonesia on Monday. She was photographed screaming in pain in front of a jeering crowd in the provincial capital Banda Aceh, Agence France-Presse reported.

The woman was among the seven men and six women aged between 21 and 30 who were punished under the province’s Sharia law.

China is Investing Billions to Create the Hottest Islamic Theme Park in the World

China is currently developing a theme park worth billions of dollars for tourists. Opened in 2005, the China Hui Culture Park, an Islamic-centered site, is undergoing expansion to attract more native and international tourists.

According to Shanghaiist, the site is located in Yinchuan, 600 miles west of Beijing. That’s a bit far from the bigger cities, but the local government is pushing through despite concerns.

Asian Muslims Share How Beautiful the Eid Holiday is With Stunning Outfits on Instagram

In celebration of this year’s Muslim holiday Eid-al-Fitr, Muslim Asians took the chance to show off their pride in the most beautiful way possible on social media. Following the hashtag #eidsthetakeover, netizens shared their elaborately designed outfits that simply prove beauty can be found in all religions.

The hashtag began trending after a tweet from Twitter user Glowly Suji encouraged fellow believers in Singapore to celebrate through “outfits and traditions,” according to Mashable.