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Shocking Statistics Reveal Just How Common ‘Catfishing’ Might Be

While “catfishing” only officially made it into dictionaries just last year, the phenomenon, in terms of online fakery, has most certainly been around for at least as long as there has an internet.

The Merriam-Webster online dictionary defines a catfish as “a person who sets up a false personal profile on a social networking site for fraudulent or deceptive purposes.”

Employees Reveal the Best Job Perks of Big Companies They’ve Worked at

According to at least one recent survey, perks on the job can make a big difference in the happiness of employees.

For instance, Google — a company that is consistently singled out as a great place to work — goes beyond just paid holiday leaves for their employees by also offering them workplace showers and gyms, free food, massages and transit, among many other things.

Making These Small Changes Can Create a More Productive Workplace [Infographic]

There’s even more good reason for why your company needs to ditch the ancient carpeting and bulk CRT monitors than you might have thought: productivity.

Too often, companies don’t pay enough attention to employees’ work environment. It’s especially important considering how a office is built and set up can impact worker productivity, efficiency and attitude.

What Bill Gates, Elon Musk and Steve Jobs Can Teach Us About Managing Stress

Everyone has stress in their lives, but not everyone deals with it in a constructive way. Business leaders especially must learn how to manage their stress effectively so that their companies, employees and their own personal lives don’t end up eroding as a consequence.

Late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, for instance, took a Zen-like approach and advised those with busy minds to slow down in order to find calm and clarity. Meditation is an age-old practice that is effective in achieving that clearer headspace.

Here are the Terrible First Jobs of the World’s Most Powerful CEOs

The saying goes ”Everyone has to start somewhere,” and while some lucky individuals were born into wealth, others had to start from the bottom and work their way to the top. This is the case for some of the most successful people in the world, including Steve Jobs, Tim Cook, Indra Nooyi, Larry Ellison and more.

Take a look at the infographic below courtesy of Unum.

Here’s What it Takes to Be ‘The Perfect Mistress,’ According to Sugar Daddies

New data released by online dating website Seeking Arrangements has revealed exactly what makes the perfect mistress, according to married men. 

MIT graduate and online dating expert Brandon Wade founded Seeking Arrangements in 2006 to connect wealthy male benefactors with attractive, younger women. His website now has nearly 4.5 million active members and has taken data gathered from popular searches and messages to describe the perfect mistress.

Why a Pokéball Would Cost $6 in Real Life

Finding out how far our money would go in different countries around the world is pretty simple, but more elusive — and much, much more important as well — is finding out how much our money would be worth in the fictional places we frequent in our leisure time, like Star Wars‘ Coruscant or Game of Thrones‘ Westeros. How much money, for instance, might a pokéball from Pokémon cost us in the real world?

To the rescue is Mobile Money, who created the below infographic showing how much pounds and dollars are worth in 18 different fictional universes.