Why a Pokéball Would Cost $6 in Real Life

Why a Pokéball Would Cost $6 in Real Life
Editorial Staff
July 27, 2015
Finding out how far our money would go in different countries around the world is pretty simple, but more elusive — and much, much more important as well — is finding out how much our money would be worth in the fictional places we frequent in our leisure time, like Star Wars‘ Coruscant or Game of Thrones‘ Westeros. How much money, for instance, might a pokéball from Pokémon cost us in the real world?
To the rescue is Mobile Money, who created the below infographic showing how much pounds and dollars are worth in 18 different fictional universes.
To find out how much our real world money would be worth compared to these fictional currencies, the site took the prices of items in those worlds and compared them with real world equivalent prices. Check out their results below.
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