How to Create a Killer Logo For Your Company

How to Create a Killer Logo For Your Company
Editorial Staff
June 2, 2015
Your company’s logo is also one of its greatest marketing tools.
Logos relate a shorthand story about the identity and culture of your company, and its repetition can help shore up brand loyalty. When someone see your logo, the thoughts and feelings, both good and bad, associated with your brand by the person can help guide them to either accept or reject your product or service. In other words, it can be money either in or out the door.
People also recognize visuals more quickly than they do text, and a logo can far outlive even the most important, long-lasting players in any company. A good company like Butler Signs services can make it happen for you! Just let them know and they’ be glad to help. Stella Artois’ instantly recognizable logo, for instance, is almost 650 years old.
All of which is to say, the design of your logo is really important — a good logo, like Coca Cola’s, can help sell billions, but a bad one, like Olive Garden’s, well, it doesn’t even help push free breadsticks.
In order to help guide you through the process of creating an effective company logo, Xprint created the well-designed infographic below. From the psychology of colors to design dos and don’ts and a brief evolution primer of a few famous logos, it’s got your company covered.
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