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Meet the Real-Life Hustler Who Inspired Constance Wu’s Character Destiny

Roselyn Keo

When “Hustlers” hit the big screen, all eyes were on Constance Wu and Jennifer Lopez. Audiences flocked to cinemas to see the film about the famed crew of female sex workers who devised the notorious scheme to drug and swindle Wall Street big shots out of hundreds of thousands.

It’s a story that centers on sisterhood united by a criminal enterprise. The “modern Robin Hood story,” as dubbed by the Cut, appears far too wild to be true, and yet, it was.

What It’s Like to Learn From the Legend Who Trained Constance Wu For ‘Hustlers’

Exotic pole dancing is among the most underestimated styles when it comes to pole.

For the uninitiated, the words “exotic” and “pole” used together in one sentence may conjure up images of simple body rolls. However, those familiar with the various styles and techniques already know how arm-intensive and physically demanding these sensual movements can be.

Meet World-Famous Pole Dancer Claudia Renée Who Trained Constance Wu for ‘Hustlers’

Claudia Renee

In the exotic pole dancing scene, Claudia Renée’s name is internationally recognized. The head instructor and manager at the world-famous BeSpun pole dance studio frequently travels the world teaching exotic pole dancing techniques and is no stranger to working with celebrity clients.

Everything about Claudia is bubbly and cheerful. She effortlessly oozes the L.A. “cool girl” vibe as we chat over cold brew coffees and matcha lattes at a minimalistic sunny cafe on Sunset Boulevard.