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The Internet Gives Newest Kim Jong Un Pic the Photoshop He Deserves

North Korea’s missile launch on Tuesday made headlines around the world,  its Hwasong-15 missile reportedly an ICBM capable of reaching the United States, according to North Korean media. To showcase the news as positive, North Korean media outlets released photos of Kim Jong Un celebrating the launch with officials cheering him on.

One photo in particular caught the eye of a Redditor, which prompted an epic photoshop battle with the dear leader.

Man Gets the Most Hilariously Ironic Chinese Tattoo Ever

A man’s Chinese tattoo is going viral for its tongue-in-cheek meaning. A Reddit user noticed his friend, identified as Cody Williams, had a tattoo and asked him what it meant, to which Williams responded “I don’t know, I don’t speak Chinese”. As it would turn out, that phrase was the tattoo’s meaning — literally!

The irony of the tattoo comes from it being written in Chinese, which prompts curious people to ask Williams what the Chinese characters mean. Williams, in turn, would respond by saying “I don’t know, I don’t speak Chinese”, which would most certainly be followed by peals of laughter from the inquisitive person.

Foreigner Shoplifts Tea in Japan For the Most Hilarious Reason Ever

A foreigner in Japan was recently caught stealing tea at a Japanese convenience store. Twitter user @domoboku witness the drama unfold after he walked into the store and saw the store clerk and the man arguing.

The non-Japanese Asian man had been drinking a bottle of tea he grabbed form the shelf without paying for it. This prompted a heated argument where the man eventually shouted “What did I do that was wrong?”

Man Poses as Target Rep, Epically Trolls Customers on Facebook

Last week, Target Corporation announced that its stores would be eliminating gender-based signs for their bedding and toy sections because of customer complaints that “raised important questions.”

At least some part of the complaints were stirred by a tweet that pointed out a store’s segregation of “Building Sets” and “Girls’ Building Sets” that went viral in June: