A Troll Posing as ‘Customer Service’ on Corporate Facebook Pages is Winning the Internet

A Troll Posing as ‘Customer Service’ on Corporate Facebook Pages is Winning the Internet

July 11, 2015
Ben Palmer and Nick Price, two comedians in Atlanta, has the internet cracking up with a Facebook account he created under the name of “Customer Service.”
The comedian is using the “Customer Service” account to troll — I mean, respond to customers’ complaints on corporate companies’ Facebook pages.
His biting yet funny remarks address the petty grievances, or First World problems, of disgruntled customers who oftentimes mistake him as a representative of the company.
What’s even funnier is that what he’s doing isn’t necessarily illegal. The comedian isn’t misrepresenting himself under the names of these companies, as his smart alec advice and snarky remarks are coming from a completely separate Facebook entity.
Nick Price, one of the masterminds behind the Facebook page, told NextShark: “It was really Ben’s idea, I joined on a little while after he started it.”
“The original idea was that anyone could tag the Customer Service page in their posts, so anyone who wanted could make their own posts. I think it stemmed from the frustration of having to work in customer-facing positions being forced to wear a fake smile and be polite to customers, regardless of how entitled or unreasonable or even abusive they are. It was a good way to lighten up what can be a very stressful job.”
“Eventually, Ben and I started making posts from the page itself, and posting screenshots on our wall, and that’s when it really started to take off. Now there are a ton of copycat pages in at least four languages from people doing the same thing. Apparently the idea seems to apply globally.”
Take a look at some more of the duo’s “hope that helps!” comments below:   
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