Man Meets Girl at Work, Immediately Receives Super Creepy Email

It’s rough being the new guy at work.
A man named Alex recently started his new job and posted a screenshot of a threatening email he received from a senior staffer that warned him to back off from his new colleague, Julia.
A few days after bumping into Julia in the kitchen, Alex received an ominous email from a staff member with the message heading “STAY AWAY.”
The message now circulating on Reddit is believed to have been sent by a senior employee at Alex’s company. The email begins by sympathizing with Alex for being the new guy at work.
“I understand that you’re the new guy around here, so I’m going to let you off with a warning. THIS TIME.”
“It’s quite possible that no one has told you anything, which is why I’m being so patient right now, but Julia and I are basically an item.”
The anonymous writer explains that he and Julia have had lunch together, are gym buddies, and constantly text each other. He even stays up late at night talking to her on the phone and knows all of her “hopes, wants, and aspirations.” Challenging Alex, he wrote:
“Can you say the same? I don’t think so. I know stuff you can only dream of knowing.”
He goes on to admit that though he and Julia aren’t technically dating at the moment, he knows “she’ll soon see that I’m the right guy for her. I’m a good guy. She’ll soon see that we’re MEANT to be with each other.”
Here’s the message in full.
It sounds a bit Helga G. Pataki, but who knows? It could be true love.
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