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Photographer Captures Half-Japanese Faces From 192 Countries in Stunning Identity Project


A Belgian-Japanese photographer has set foot in Tokyo to capture the faces of fellow half-Japanese people for a novel project that aims to paint a picture of their hafu identity.

At first, Tetsuro Miyazaki’s “Hafu2Hafu” project only wanted to interview other hāfu — people whose either parent is Japanese — and learn about identity.

Scottish-Japanese Artist Celebrates Her Heritage By Creating Beautiful ‘Kilt-mono’

Eighteen-year-old Scottish/Japanese artist Maya Caulfield likes to explore her unique cultural background through her creations — most recently, she’s won over Reddit for her hand-sewn plaid kimono.

“I was inspired to make this piece after getting into the streetwear community and learning about designers like Rick Owens and Rei Kawakubo, who integrate traditional clothing into avant-garde streetwear,” Caulfield told Nextshark. She also mentioned that she didn’t name the piece, made out of men’s dress shirts and boxer shorts, but that netizens have lovingly termed the garment the “kilt-mono”.