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Maskless California man bullies the wrong ‘Korean Uncle’ as H Mart Ahjummas come to his defense

A man who caused a ruckus after refusing to wear a mask at an H Mart in California was forced to leave the store as its manager and customers stood together to kick him out.

What happened: The incident occurred at the Korean American supermarket’s location in West Huntington Drive, Arcadia around 6:15 p.m. on Aug. 6. Emilie Tan (@emilieeetan), who was shopping with her boyfriend, managed to film parts of the chaos.

21 Reasons Why H Mart Blows All Other Grocery Stores Out of the Water

H Mart is easily the cornerstone of Asian American living. From fresh seafood, vegetables, and produce to nostalgic childhood Asian snacks and already-prepared banchan and stews. A world without H Mart is a world I don’t want to live in.

While so much of the older generation complain that millennials don’t learn to cook for themselves, with all of these already prepared side dishes, soups and desserts, H Mart has pretty much eliminated the need the learn how to cook.

Massive Korean Food Hall to Open in San Diego in June

To celebrate the grand opening of a new 40,000+ square foot H Mart in San Diego, the location will be hosting an onsite Korean food hall if you’re looking for things to do in San Diego.

The famous Asian Supermarket is expected to open its doors as soon as Friday, June 7 at a former Sports Authority building located at 7725 Balboa Avenue in Kearny Mesa. The market will soon be home to everything from fresh meat and seafood, produce as well as packaged goods and will also host a Korean food hall featuring five unique concepts.