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TikTok video of 2 Asian shoppers picking green pieces off of lettuce at grocery draws criticism

asian lettuce picking tiktok
  • A TikToker user shared a video on June 4 of two Asian women pulling the outer green leaves off of several heads of iceberg lettuce in the produce section of Coles.
  • While one woman pulls off the leaves, the other woman places them into bags.
  • Some internet users defended the women, while many others criticized the two for “stealing from everyone.”
  • The video has amassed over 545,000 views and 13,000 likes since being uploaded.

Two Asian women were filmed on TikTok pulling off the outer green leaves from several heads of iceberg lettuce while shopping at a west Australian Coles store. 

TikToker James Longstaff, whose username is @longie69, posted a video on June 4 of the two women with a shopping cart full of loose lettuce leaves at one of the supermarket chain’s locations. One woman can be seen pulling the leaves off of the iceberg lettuce while the other places them into plastic bags. At the end of the video, Longstaff sarcastically says, “That’s very hygienic.”

Genius Wife Uses ‘Hack’ to Make Grocery Lists ‘Husband-Proof’

One woman from Pune, India, just managed to crack the code of teaching her husband the proper way to do grocery shopping in the most hilarious way. The secret? A “dumb-proof” grocery list that can never go wrong.

IT specialist Era Golwalkar shared the secret of this “hack” on her Twitter page on September 23, and the post became quite a hit around the world.