Genius Wife Uses ‘Hack’ to Make Grocery Lists ‘Husband-Proof’

Genius Wife Uses ‘Hack’ to Make Grocery Lists ‘Husband-Proof’

September 28, 2017
One woman from Pune, India, just managed to crack the code of teaching her husband the proper way to do grocery shopping in the most hilarious way. The secret? A “dumb-proof” grocery list that can never go wrong.
IT specialist Era Golwalkar shared the secret of this “hack” on her Twitter page on September 23, and the post became quite a hit around the world.
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Golwalkar, while speaking to BBC Trending, admitted that asking her husband do groceries was starting to become a problem.
When I first sent him to purchase vegetables, it was an epic fail and an argument ensued between us. The second time was no better. Nor was the third,” she told the news site.
Many shopkeepers began selling him subpar quality products — some of which were close to being spoiled — because of his naivety when it came to choosing vegetables.
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Golwalkar decided that she had to get to the bottom of this, so she meticulously created a shopping list for the vegetables so that her husband wouldn’t get confused while going to the market. The list includes drawings of the vegetables as well as well-detailed descriptions of their texture, size and color.
Looking at the reactions on social media. I’ve noticed that most married women globally are able to relate to this. Even kids can relate to when their mothers tell them to go and get something from the market and gives similar instructions,” the 29-year-old wife said.
However, not everyone seems to get Golwalkar’s initial tweet as many people got confused by her specific requests. Luckily, she made a follow up post explaining why she did that, Huffington Post reported.
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This new method appears to work perfectly well — at least in Golwalkar’s book. As for her husband, it seems he doesn’t have any complaints with this newly discovered “life hack”.
It did reduce our arguments is what I can definitely say. Now, if I get something wrong, I have proof that it wasn’t in the specification and she can’t deny it,” the 31-year-old husband said in the interview.
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