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Japanese Grandma with Alzheimer’s Remembers Special Memory After Holding Granddaughter

Setsuko Harmon, a 77-year-old Alzheimer’s patient and first-time grandmother, is becoming viral online after her daughter, Christine Stone, posted several videos of her online.

One in particular that got many netizens feel all warm inside is the clip where she sings an old Japanese childhood song to her granddaughter, Sadie Mae Stone, who was born on October 11.

Stylish Grannies Go Viral in China For Teaching Women to Survive in the Modern World

A stylish Chinese grandmother duo is taking the internet by storm with their viral live-streams where they give tips on becoming a proud and empowered independent woman. An 81-year-old granny named Wei Yuqin from Liuzhou first went viral when her grandson Jiang Yaolong uploaded a video of her riding a motorcycle on social media.

Once Wei’s internet popularity rose, her grandson decided to become her producer and created a live-stream channel for Wei and her 89-year-old friend Qin Cuiqiong. The Chinese duo have since made 147 shows in their channel on Kuaishou called “My Fashionable Grannies.”