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13.5 Tons of Gold Worth $636 Million Found Hidden in Chinese Official’s Home

A 58-year-old Chinese official and member of the provincial and municipal party committees from Haikou city, Hainan province, China is under investigation after officers discovered tons of hidden gold inside his home.

Corruption inspectors conducted a raid in Zhang Qi’s home earlier this month and found a vast amount of riches, including thousands of gold bars and bricks weighing 13.5 tons and valued up to 520 million British Pounds ($636 million), according to Daily Mail.

Chinese Scientists Discover Way to Turn Copper Into ‘Gold’

china gold

Chinese scientists may have finally performed a form of “alchemy” by turning copper into a new material that is “almost identical” to gold, new research has revealed.

The study, which was published in the peer-reviewed journal Science Advances on Saturday, was conducted by a team of Chinese researchers at the Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences in Dalian, Liaoning Province, China.

South Korean Treasure Hunters Find Sunken Russian Ship Carrying $133 Billion in Gold

A South Korean firm reportedly discovered the wreck of a sunken Russian Imperial Navy cruiser reportedly carrying $133 billion worth of gold a mile off the South Korean island of Ulleung.

The vessel Dimitrii Donskoi, which sank during the 1904-05 Russo-Japanese War, is believed to contain an entire flotilla’s treasury meant to cover port expenses and pay the salaries of sailors and officers, based on historical accounts. Its reputation has made it a coveted target for many treasure hunters in the past.

Meteorites Crash into China, Pieces Now Selling for $7,800 a Gram

Citizens of southern China’s Yunnan province were startled last week when a fiery meteor lit up their night sky with fragments crashing into the homes of some of the villagers.

Video footage that circulated online shows the fireball lighting up the night sky above the city of Jinghong, which reportedly happened at around 9:40 p.m. Luckily, most of the meteor burned up in the atmosphere, with only a handful of villagers finding meteorite pieces in Menghai county, Shanghaiist reported.

Chinese Farmer Finds Pig Gallstone Worth $605,000

A 51-year-old villager named Bo Chunlou from Ju County in Rizhao, eastern Shandong, China, accidentally found a way to become a millionaire after slaughtering one of his pigs.

The extremely rare object, which is known as a bezoar, is a small, stony solid mass that is formed in an animal’s gastrointestinal system. It is comprised of hairy materials and other indigestible products, measuring 4 inches long and 2.7 inches wide, and is believed to be worth 4 million yuan ($604,240).

Japan Celebrates Star Wars’ 40th Anniversary With a $1.4 Million Darth Vader Mask

Wealthy Star Wars fans with some cash to burn may want to head out to Japan next week because a Japanese jeweler is marking Star Wars’ 40th anniversary with something really special.

The event, hosted by renowned jeweler Ginza Tanaka, commissioned a solid gold replica of the mask of Darth Vader, the most iconic villain in cinematic history, AFP reports.