Elite North Koreans are Reportedly Injecting Themselves With Gold

Elite North Koreans are Reportedly Injecting Themselves With Gold
Carl Samson
December 18, 2017
Kim Jong-un and elite North Koreans are now having gold injections developed by the country’s leading scientists, according to local media.
The gold treatment is part of a new range of drugs that Pyongyang plans to export in the future. So far, only Kim and the country’s elites can access the new healthcare options.
Gold is currently used to treat cancer and rheumatoid arthritis, detect HIV/AIDS and facilitate rapid diagnostic tests, according to top drug reference database MIMS.
North Korea’s “nano-gold polysaccharide injection,” developed by Korea Myohyang Trading Corporation, reportedly cures cancer, obesity and senile dementia, among other conditions.
Developers told The Pyongyang Times (translation via The Sun):
“It is efficacious in the treatment and prevention of fatty liver, hepatitis, liver cirrhosis, diabetes, insomnia, cancerous diseases, rheumatic arthritis, hyperpiesia, ageing, senile dementia, addiction to drugs, alcohol and chemical substances and complications.
“The injection cures patients for chronic diseases, as well as obesity and weakness.
“It is recommended for everyone to take it as it relieves physical fatigue and invigorates oneself.”
Scientists from the Korea Oriental Medicine Development Center have also developed more than 50 other anti-cancer drugs from “extracts of medicinal materials,” as well as an ointment that dissolves tumors.
The drugs promise zero side effects and addictive properties.
Ryu Il Nam, one of the scientists, said:
“Cancer is not an incurable disease. We’ll continue to develop efficient anti-cancer drugs to protect human lives.”
The healthcare products will reportedly carry instructions in English, Chinese and Russian when exported.
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