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Godfrey Gao May Have Died From Overwork and Stress, Doctor Says

The heart attack that led to Godfrey Gao’s untimely demise on Wednesday could be the result of overwork and stress, a physician from Taiwan has suggested.

The Taiwanese Canadian actor-model, 35, reportedly collapsed while filming a Chinese variety show called “Chase Me,” which requires participants to engage in intense physical activities such as obstacle courses, rope climbing and various other stunts.

Godfrey Gao: How the Asian Prince Charming Tackled Racism Growing Up

When I met first Godfrey Gao I wanted to hate him. He’s six-foot-infinity, his beard defies the laws of Asian facial hair, and his jawline could slice open a can of spam. Someone with such a handsome face must have a horrible personality, right?

Like most of the world in love with Godfrey, I first heard about him back in 2011 when he made history by becoming the first Asian male model to appear in a Louis Vuitton ad campaign. Since its inception in 1854, Louis Vuitton starved its audience of an Asian male face for over 157 years, but alas, in 2011 Godfrey Gao fell from the sky like a snack from heaven, quenched everyone’s thirst, and became an overnight Asian supermodel.

Dear Disney, Here’s 8 Extremely Hot Asian Guys Perfect as Mulan’s Love Interest

The live-action “Mulan” movie has been fraught with troubles since its inception.

At first, Disney was entertaining a script that featured Mulan falling in love with some random White merchant. Then we discovered that they would adhere to the original a bit more with Mulan having a Chinese love interest, but that it wouldn’t necessarily be Captain Li Shang. They dropped that bomb at the same time as this ridiculously crazy one — the live-action would be without its memorable songs. Another recent blow? That the release date was pushed to 2019, meaning we have to wait yet another year to watch one of the greatest Disney movies of all time be added to the live-action list.