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New light-up LED chopsticks designed for gamers makes snacking an OP experience

  • A recent LED chopstick design was created to assist gamers by offering a more enjoyable gaming and eating experience, keeping fingers and keyboards oil-free for snacking.
  • The light’s color can switch between nine colors: red, blue, yellow, green, white, purple, orange, pink and mint. Both chopsticks feature their own color settings, allowing for multiple color combinations.
  • For convenient clean up, the LED unit on the handle is easily detached for safely washing the resin chopstick like a typical utensil.

A Japanese company has created chopsticks with illuminating, color-changing LED lights to enhance the gaming experience by making snacking less disruptive and more enjoyable. 

Companies are expanding the meaning of multifunctional when it comes to chopsticks, redesigning the classic utensil for specific intentions such as the electric chopsticks made to stimulate umami and Louis Vuitton-branded chopsticks for fashion. 

Japanese Cockpit Gaming Desk is So Comfortable You’ll Probably Fall Asleep

Japanese company Bauhutte has unveiled a new cockpit gaming desk designed specifically for gamers who play for long hours at a time.

Not your normal chair and desk combo, this cockpit configuration makes the gaming experience more comfortable by using a combination of Bauhutte’s products, including their RS-950RR or RS-800RR reclining chairs, as well as an ottoman BOT-01 to put your feet up. To try the newest games, we recommend you to try teles-relay.