Pro-Gamer Blames Poor League of Legends Performance on ‘Sensual Pleasures’

Pro-Gamer Blames Poor League of Legends Performance on ‘Sensual Pleasures’Pro-Gamer Blames Poor League of Legends Performance on ‘Sensual Pleasures’
Don’t you hate it when sensual pleasures get in the way of video games?
Li “Vasilii” Wei had to make the difficult decision to put sexy times aside in order to focus on his sport, League of Legends.
via Twitter / LMQtcVasilii
According to Mashable, Vasilii’s performance hadn’t been up to snuff for a few weeks, and it was apparently so noticeable that he took to Weibo to explain why he’d been playing so poorly and not participating in some of his team’s matches.
Slingshot Sports translated his statement to English:
“Because I caught a cold before, I asked to be subbed out for the sake of the Club’s results. The Club maintained its winning streak, so it wasn’t necessary for me to play, and I let myself indulge in sensual pleasures for a while. This led to me playing poorly in solo queue, but last week we lost, so I started to adjust myself to a more abstinent lifestyle. After about two days, I had already adjusted myself (to abstinence). Those of you only watching the news shouldn’t be so quick to pass judgment on me. It’s incorrect. You can check on my results in Korean solo queue rather than take my word for it. I will continue to play and try to correct this matter.”
Image via Wikimedia Commons / Mamadou278 (CC BY-SA 4.0)
As it would turn out, Vasilii caught a cold, so he took time off to recover and to ensure that his team didn’t lose their standing due to him not being in tip-top shape. During this time, he decided to engage in “sensual pleasures”, which must have broken his concentration so much that it began to affect his performance in solo matches. Due to this, he decided to live a more abstinent lifestyle so that he could git gud again.
Vasilii is not the first pro-gamer to promote abstinence as a means to maintain performance standards; previous EDward Gaming CEO Huang “San Shao” Cheng and former professional player and current LCK caster Alberto “Crumbz” Rengifo have both spoken out in agreement with an abstinent lifestyle.
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