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‘I’m embarrassed’: ‘Friends’ co-creator apologizes for show’s lack of diversity with $4 million pledge

  • “Friends” co-creator Marta Kauffman has apologized for the hit sitcom’s lack of diversity in a new interview with the Los Angeles Times.
  • Kauffman said she came to terms with her internalization of systemic racism following the death of George Floyd.
  • “Friends,” which aired for 10 seasons on NBC, starred six white actors for the entirety of its run.
  • Kauffman said she is “embarrassed” that she did not know better 25 years ago and that she is determined to “course-correct.”
  • In an effort to make amends, the showrunner pledged $4 million to her alma mater, Brandeis University, for the creation of an endowed professorship in its African American studies department.

“Friends” co-creator Marta Kauffman has apologized for the hit sitcom’s lack of diversity in a new interview and is working towards making amends with a $4 million donation to her alma mater’s African American studies department.

Kauffman, who co-created the show with David Crane, opened up about coming to terms with her internalization of systemic racism in an interview with the Los Angeles Times. She said she began to evaluate her actions after the death of George Floyd, noting that “admitting and accepting guilt is not easy.”

The one without minorities: Daniel Dae Kim says ‘Friends’ is ‘challenged’ when it comes to diversity

Daniel dae kim on friends sitcom
  • Daniel Dae Kim said that although he loves the hit ‘90s sitcom “Friends,” the show was “challenged” when it came to diversity.
  • “My kids loved ‘Friends’ because they would watch repeats and they would say to me, ‘Hey, how come in their New York everyone is white?'” the actor recalled.
  • Kim also pointed out that Asian Americans were statistically more likely than any other racial demographic to identify with non-Asians.
  • “So that means that they would see someone like Jennifer Aniston or any of the cast of ‘Friends’ and be able to say, ‘Oh yeah, that’s me.’ Whereas other people of other races would not be able to do that as easily and as willingly, unless the character was of the same race.”

Reflecting on Asian American representation in Hollywood, Daniel Dae Kim points to the iconic ‘90s sitcom “Friends” as just one of many shows that fall short.

“As much as I love that show, when it came to diversity it was…it was…challenged, shall we say,” he said.

Censorship of ‘Friends’ LGBTQ plus storylines causes pushback from Chinese netizens

  • China has reportedly censored LGBTQ plus storylines and references to “orgasms” from the 1994 classic sitcom “Friends” on streaming platforms, including Tencent, Youku, iQiyi and Bilibili.
  • Mentions of character Ross Geller’s ex-wife, Carol Willick, coming out as a lesbian and a scene in which other main cast members Chandler and Joey kiss on New Year’s Eve were removed from the TV show.
  • The Chinese subtitles were also changed in certain scenes referring to sex, including a reference to “multiple orgasms” which was purportedly changed to women “having endless gossips” in one scene.
  • The hashtag #FriendsCensored became the No. 1 trending topic on Weibo on Friday, with many Chinese fans expressing their disappointment; however, the hashtag was reportedly deleted the next day.

Adding to China’s list of censored films and shows, LGBTQ plus storylines and references to “orgasms” have been removed from the 1994 classic American sitcom “Friends” across streaming platforms in the country.

The sitcom was relaunched on streaming platforms in China on Friday, but many Chinese fans expressed their disappointment on Weibo after noticing that mentions of character Ross Geller’s ex-wife, Carol Willick, coming out as a lesbian was cut from the TV show.

BTS’ RM Learned English From ‘Friends,’ Now Will Appear in the Reunion Special

HBO announced earlier this month that South Korean supergroup BTS will make an appearance in the highly-anticipated “Friends” reunion special.

Former English teachers: Several members of BTS are fans of the popular ‘90s sitcom, but the group’s leader Kim Nam-joon, who goes by RM, revealed on “Ellen” back in 2017 that the show played an important role in teaching him English when he was a teenager.

Boy in Singapore Has the Most Adorable Friendship With Migrant Workers From Around Asia

A heartwarming friendship has bloomed between a 3-year-old boy and a few foreign construction workers from Myanmar, Bangladesh, and India after the child saw them using heavy machinery.

The boy, identified as Jake, made friends with the foreign workers when he saw them doing upgrading works in the car park below his Housing Board in central Singapore last December, according to Straits Times.

Standing Next To an Ugly Person Makes You More Attractive, Study Finds

It’s time to search for uglier buddies: A recent study revealed that  the phenomenon known as the “ugly friend effect” may actually be real.

The research, conducted by Dr. Nicholas Furl of London’s University of Royal Holloway, proved that people are determined to be more or less attractive by others depending on how ugly or attractive the person standing beside them looks, reports International Business Times.

Science Confirms How Important It Is for Men to Have a Guys’ Night Out

Here’s one solid argument for hanging out more with your buddies if in case your romantic partner is strongly against it: science says it’s good for you. Research has proven that male bonding is essential for reducing stress, gaining a sense of security and living longer.

The study, conducted by Germany’s University of Gottingen, involved the use of primates called Barbary macaques (a species known to exhibit human-like social behavior) as test subjects.