Science Confirms How Important It Is for Men to Have a Guys’ Night Out

Here’s one solid argument for hanging out more with your buddies if in case your romantic partner is strongly against it: science says it’s good for you. Research has proven that male bonding is essential for reducing stress, gaining a sense of security and living longer.
The study, conducted by Germany’s University of Gottingen, involved the use of primates called Barbary macaques (a species known to exhibit human-like social behavior) as test subjects.
According to the Telegraph, the research showed that the apes naturally exhibited less anxiety when they were out with their posse than when they were with their partners or family members. During the study the monkeys formed bonds by picking fleas out of their buddies’ fur, which in human terms could equate to watching sports or sharing laughs over beers.
The research suggested that being with their male group made the apes feel more calm and relaxed. It also fascinatingly revealed that stress-related illnesses exclusively occur only among females or primate couples.
In an interview with The Naked Scientists, University of Gottingen researcher Chris Young explained the significance of such social interaction outside the home: ”Several studies have pointed to the fact that this might be alluded to modern society where individuals are no longer in touch with their roots, and with things like modern technology you no longer have to socialise and interact with other individuals.”
“I think what the study is showing is that this need even in males for social contact can actually come from much further back down the line and having social contact with other individuals might have many benefits which the virtual world might not be able to provide,” he concluded.
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