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Chinese Man Buys 4 F1 Cars With $5.3 Million in Litecoin

A Chinese millionaire recently bought four rare Formula One (F1) cars in the United Kingdom using Litecoin, the fourth most popular cryptocurrency, with the total amount believed to be around 4 million British pounds (more than $5.3 million).

According to Bitcoin News, the cars, which are all fully raceable and track-worthy, were bought from the U.K.’s Heritage F1 dealership.

Formula One Driver and Girlfriend Gassed and Robbed of $465,000 While Vacationing

Formula One driver Jenson Button and his wife Jessica Michibata were robbed of $465,000, which includes her $387,000 engagement ring, on Monday. Jensen, his wife and three other guests believe sleeping gas was pumped through the air vents to subdue them so the robbery could take place undisturbed.

This morning, an unnamed spokesman for Button reported to BBC that Button, his wife and the three other houseguests are still shaken up from the robbery that took place on Monday.