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Chinese International Students at University of Virginia Have Eggs Thrown at Them

university of virginia

A female international student at the University of Virginia has reported an assault after she and her friend were allegedly pelted with eggs from a passing car near the campus’ swimming facility.

Based on the report filed to the University Police Department, the second-year student and her friend were near the Aquatic & Fitness Center on Tuesday night when eggs were thrown out of a car window toward their direction. Fortunately, none of the eggs hit the students, who are both Chinese, reports The Cavalier Daily.

How to Tell Fake Eggs Made in China from Real Ones

Asian egg consumers first became aware of the dangers of fake eggs sold in markets when the discovery surfaced in Malaysia back in 2011. In order to identify the fake from the real ones, the Consumer Association of Penang pointed out the differences between the two.

According to the Health Ministry, the shells of the fake eggs are made up from calcium carbonate while the yolk and egg white composed of several chemicals like alum, benzoic acid, sodium alginate, calcium chloride, gelatin, water, among others.

Black Swans in China Fall Into Deep Depression After Tourists Steal Their Eggs

Two black swans have refused to eat for the past four days after five of their eggs were reportedly stolen from a scenic location near Mount Tai, in east China’s Shandong Province.

On February 1, a keeper found that the breeding pair was distressed, stretching their necks, making loud noises and behaving more aggressively towards people, according to