College Student Eats 70 Egg Whites a Day to Win Bodybuilding Contest

College Student Eats 70 Egg Whites a Day to Win Bodybuilding ContestCollege Student Eats 70 Egg Whites a Day to Win Bodybuilding Contest
A 22-year-old college student in eastern China won a bodybuilding tournament after extreme training and eating 70 egg whites a day.
via Sina News
Zhang Nu, who lives in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China, emerged victorious in the 168-centimeter (66-inch) classic bodybuilding category of the China University Bodybuilding and Fitness Championship.
The student at Hangzhou Normal University started training to become a bodybuilder two years ago. A before-and-after photo shows that he used to be skinny.
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“One day, I sat on my bed, bored, looked down on my stomach, and saw a seam,” he told Hangzhou News.
From there, he started intensively working out and now has 5% body fat.
“I think it’s very interesting. I started to do abdominal curling and abdominal training,” Zhang said.
Alongside training, Zhang consumed 70 egg whites a day one month before the tournament, a diet that intrigued netizens as soon as his story went viral.
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According to the Egg Nutrition Center, each egg white contains around 3.6 grams of protein and 17 calories, so Zhang consumed approximately 252 grams of protein and 1,190 calories a day.
That sums up to 7,560 grams of protein and 35,700 calories in a month with 30 days.
via Sina News
via Sina News
Zhang said that eating many egg whites is not a big deal among professional bodybuilders, as protein is necessary to build muscle.
via Sina News
via Sina News
In January and February, his diet included fat free sirloin beef, which he ate for dinner with two apples. Then came the egg whites in March.
“The absorption and utilization of protein in eggs is very high and digestion is fast,” he said. “But of course, ordinary people do not need to take my menu.”
via Weibo
For now, Zhang hopes that his victory will land him a place to compete at the 52nd Asian Fitness and Bodybuilding Championships to be held in Mongolia later this month.
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