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You Know Yakult, But Have You Tried the Japanese Fizzy Milk Soda Skal?

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By now, everyone has probably grown up with or at least heard of Yakult, but there’s another celebrated Asian drink from Jaan called Skal, the first carbonated milk soda in Japan since its creation in 1972

This yogurty drink claims it has not changed its taste since its inception and is one of many underrated Japanese vending machine drinks. The name itself means squall or storm.

SoBe Freaked People Out With Their Suspicious ‘Help Me’ Bottle Cap Messages

People across the U.S. are finding questionable messages underneath the caps of SoBe beverages.

Founded in 1996, SoBe, the popular fruit-flavored tea drink among basic bros, is actually short for South Beach, supposedly to be representative of the vibe and rhythm of the sunny beach culture — which is strange considering the recent messages they inscribed underneath their bottle caps that hint at suspicious labor conditions.

5 Facts About Your Precious Coconut Water You Didn’t Know

Coconut water- it’s the water we’ve all grown to love. We drink it because we think it hydrates us better than regular water, it’s natural, it’s got healthy minerals, and we still think it’s healthy enough to warrant the $3-$4 price tag per bottle.

How true is all of that? Is coconut water really good for us or have we bought into a clever marketing campaign? Here are five facts about coconut water you may not have known- will it change your mind?