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Nearly 3 in 4 AAPIs blame Trump for anti-Asian hate, poll finds

AAPI blames trump

Most Asian American and Pacific Islanders (AAPIs) blame former President Donald Trump for the discrimination the community faces amid the COVID-19 crisis, according to a new poll.

Poll findings: The new poll, conducted by Politico and intelligence firm Morning Consult, found that 71% of AAPI adults blame Trump for the ongoing wave of anti-Asian discrimination against the community. This is the highest percentage of blame directed at an individual, Politico noted.

GA Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene vows to kick out every Chinese ‘loyal to CCP’ if she was in charge

Marjorie Taylor Greene

U.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) would deport every last Chinese whose loyalty lies with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), if she had the power to do so.

Her plans: Greene, who represents Georgia’s 14th Congressional District, made her comments last Wednesday on Steve Bannon’s show, “War Room: Pandemic.” Aside from deporting Chinese people, the lawmaker said she would also impose strict tariffs.

Trump SUED for Saying ‘China Virus’, ‘Kung Flu’ While He Was in Office

Donald Trump

Former President Donald Trump is reportedly being sued for his repeated use of “China virus” — among other phrases — in reference to COVID-19 while he was still in office.

Anti-China rhetoric: Blaming China for “unleashing” the coronavirus, Trump routinely used terms such as “Chinese virus,” “Wuhan virus” and “Kung Flu” during his term, arguing that it is “not racist” to refer to the pathogen’s geographic origin.

Trump Administration Declares China Committed Genocide Against Uyghurs in Final Act


The Trump administration determined that China has committed genocide against Uyghurs and other minorities in Xinjiang, months after imposing sanctions on Chinese officials over the matter.

As early as 2017, Xinjiang, an autonomous region in northwestern China, has made headlines for erecting hundreds of “re-education centers” — alleged concentration camps that subject “students” to 24/7 surveillance, ideological education and behavioral correction.

Voter ID Needed Because ‘All Chinese Look Alike’, Election Fraud Witness Claims


A Republican witness called on by Donald Trump’s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, went viral on Twitter after she said “all Chinese look alike” during a hearing on election fraud in Michigan this week.

At the legislative hearing on Wednesday, Hima Kolanagireddy, an IT specialist and CEO of ASCII Group in Farmington Hills, testified in front of the committee and argued voters must present photo identification, according to M Live.

Trump Supporters Appear to Attack Asian Trump Supporters with Racism at Rally

great neck

Editor’s Note: This article has been updated to report that Valerie Shalit has since deleted her original tweet and video, which NextShark was able to archive here on Nov. 6.

A woman in Great Neck in Long Island, New York filmed herself at a “Make America Great Again” (MAGA) rally and caught one of her fellow Donald Trump supporters yelling “take that sh*t back to China” at a family driving by.

WeChat is Being Used to Campaign for Trump


Despite President Donald Trump’s efforts to ban WeChat — as well as TikTok and other Chinese-made apps — a growing number of Chinese immigrants and Chinese Americans are reportedly using the platform to campaign for his re-election.

The app, with some 19 million users in the U.S., is popular among first-generation and recent Chinese immigrants, many of whom back the incumbent president.

Rudy Giuliani Accidentally Posts YouTube Video of Himself Mocking Asians

Rudy Giuliani

A video of Rudy Giuliani mocking Asians by speaking in a fake accent and bowing was accidentally uploaded on YouTube on Wednesday night.

The former mayor of New York City and President Donald Trump’s current personal lawyer put on a stereotypical Asian accent while bowing with his hands clasped together and talking about ordering Chinese food in the video.

Minnesota’s First Asian American GOP Chairwoman Defends Trump’s Use of ‘China Virus’

Jennifer Carnahan

Jennifer Carnahan, chair of the Republican Party of Minnesota, has faced criticism for defending President Donald Trump’s use of the term “China virus,” rhetoric believed by some as a factor influencing the surge in hate crimes against Asian Americans.

Carnahan, who is Asian American herself — adopted as an infant from South Korea — argued that the term is not racist at all, since Trump merely traces the pathogen to its country of origin.

New Ad Slams Trump’s Use of ‘Anti-Asian’ Names for COVID-19

An ad calling out President Trump for his anti-Chinese rhetoric that is believed to have affected all Asian Americans amid the COVID-19 crisis will air in battleground states weeks into the November election.

The ad, produced by the Immigrants’ List Civic Action, runs for 60 seconds and highlights headlines of Asian Americans suffering from hate crimes, which have surged since the pandemic wreaked havoc in March.