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Make Your Own Saké with a $180 Brewing Kit


Technology has advanced so much that most things that used to be complicated, can now be done with relative ease.

Saké, the popular rice wine from Japan, understandably takes a certain amount of skill and a lot of work to make. Often performed in highly controlled environments, every step in the multiple parallel fermentation of rice is strictly regulated.

Filipino Teen Creates Powerbank Strong Enough to Charge Gaming Laptops

Angelo Casimiro, a Filipino teenager and Electronics and Communications Engineering student, has created a power bank that can literally power up home appliances – even gaming laptops!

Casimiro, a 19-year-old student who runs the YouTube channel TechBuilder, created a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) video last December where he showed how to create a power bank with enough juice to charge up a gaming laptop or even power up any house appliances when not around an electrical outlet.

Japanese YouTuber Turns Pasta Into Razor Sharp Knife

Among the many things one can do with pasta, it’s a safe bet that turning it into a potentially lethal weapon likely isn’t one of them. However, a skillful artisan cutler from Japan is so good at what he does that he can turn spaghetti into a razor sharp knife.

Japanese Youtuber “Kiwami Japan”, whose channel is dedicated to making amazing things with knives, recently published a video showing his intricate process of making a knife out of the Italian food staple.

Man Builds Home-Made Tank in China, China Takes Away His License

homemade tank

A Chinese man identified only by his surname, Huang, had a simple dream: to become internet famous for his mechanical skills. For two months, he worked on a special project which involved renovating his old vehicle to turn it into a badass, homemade tank, CCTV reports.

Huang, who hails from the city of Laibin in the Guangxi region, worked hard to modify the shape of his old truck to make it look like a mean military machine fit for war. He even installed a gun turret and novelty radar dish on the vehicle before giving it a camouflage paint job to complete the look.